Your time and energy are valuable.

Date like you believe it.

Introducing... "Love That Lasts,"
 a 3-month transformation designed to help you achieve your relationship goals faster and easier 
than you thought possible 

Over the next few months, I'll teach you...

The games men play

Step 1

How to filter men faster and separate the promising ones from the problematic ones

The bounce back

Step 1

How to heal from past heartbreak or let downs and re-center yourself on true beliefs

Your unique superpower

Step 3

How to use your natural magnetism to attract the men you want and command respect from the men and women around you  

Your foundation

Step 4

How to base your next relationship on mutual respect, communication, emotional security, and any other values that are important to you  

Working together will be highly customized to you 

Typical journey across the 3 fundamental pillars of "Love That Lasts:

Month 1 - SHE
Clear blocks related to your dating past, personal identity, and thought patterns

Secret #1

By the end of our first month, you'll feel incredibly confident about finding love because you:

- know what you want from a man and how it aligns with your broader value system

- understand how your previous dating experiences impact your openness to love

- realize how limiting beliefs, especially around the availability of good men and your own desirability may be holding you back

- use your natural superpower to attract the men you want

- embrace the habits and thought patterns that help your chances in dating (and ditch the patterns that don't!)

- have decided which (if any) behaviors to change or dating skills to learn

Month 2 - HE 
Understand men and how to pick a good one every time

Secret #3

By the end of our second month, you'll develop an allergy to dead-end men because you:

- know why men do what they do and say what they say, and what it could mean for a potential relationship

- can tell whether he’s worth spending time on or better off avoided

- use your dates and downtime to learn more about his intentions

- understand the difference between “growth opportunities” and red flags

- interpret his words, actions, goals, and plans to discern whether he's “the one”

Month 3 - WE
Prepare for the physical, emotional, and spiritual roles necessary in love

Step 4

By the end of our third month, you'll be a strong, grounded relationship partner because you:

- uncover how your spiritual or religious beliefs influence your ideals and relationships

- are certain of your goals and expectations for a potential lifelong partner

- know your role in the long-term relationship you desire

- embody the key characteristics of healthy relationships

- depend on a positive support network when challenges arise in your relationship

The next three months could be the difference
between doing more of what you've been doing and
spending more time with the type of man you've been looking for

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Schedule your free session with me and get as a bonus:

1. A Review of Your Online Dating Profile, or

2. A Post-Mortem of Your Last Relationship, or

3. A Course Correction Before Your New Relationship

Here's what's included :

12 60-minute, one-on-one video calls

Step 1

where you'll have my undivided attention as you learn and grow through each of the major program milestones  

Intuitive exercises and assessments

Step 1

to complete between calls to maintain your momentum, increase your understanding of important topics, and practice what you've learned

14 weeks of rapid response email support

Step 1

just in case you need me to answer unexpected questions or keep you from texting that guy that you have no business texting  

Monthly resources full of helpful content

Step 4

to encourage, teach, and inspire you during the program

Still undecided?

Wondering...“What makes Elliott qualified to give love and relationship advice to women?”  

Ever heard the saying, “It takes one to know one”? Well, I used to be the type of “wolf in sheep’s clothing” that I’m now teaching you to avoid. I can tell you in great detail the tricks men use to keep women on the hook. 

“Can men change?”, you ask? I surely did, however I’ll need to help you differentiate between a man with red flags and another with opportunities for growth. Growing in key areas allowed me to become “the one” for my wife and I'll make sure you know whether the man you've encountered has made the shift.

Can’t I just avoid the wrong men and pursue the right men all by myself?  

You can, but we both know that’s easier said than done. We don’t date dead-end men or women because we want to, we date them out of convenience, comfort, and fear of the unknown. My program will get you out of your comfort zone and into life-changing, love-inviting situations that honor what you value most.  

Will three months be enough time to change the way I date?  

In most cases, yes. 

Within three months, my goal is to give you the knowledge and skills to move past what’s been holding you back from real love. In the rare event that you need more time in the program, we can explore continuing our time together.  

I'm not really in the best position to start dating. Can your program still work for me?  

Yes! If you commit to trusting the process, putting the work in, and following the instructions we come up with during our calls, I assure you that you’ll be in a much better position to avoid the men you don’t want and attract the men you do. 

What my clients are saying...

The Best Part

"The best part was learning more about myself and why I wanted what I wanted. But then, even better, you showed me how to get it!"

Rachel W.

United Kingdom

Helped Me Open Up

"You helped me open up so I could find my current boyfriend! The 'SHE' part taught me so much about why I act so closed off."

Karen C.

United States

Now I Understand

"I never really understood guys, especially why they're so awkward and iffy all the time... but you helped me figure out guy language"

Hana K.

South Korea

You owe it to yourself to find the right one 

and not the “other” ones that will continue to waste your time

What if 3 months were all that stood between
your present dating reality and your desired relationship?

Comfort is the enemy of change. 

Don't let your prior frustrations or current situation distract you from your end goal of finding someone that treats you right and loves you for you. 

You can have that. You SHOULD have that.  

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achieve your goals