Hi, I'm Elliott.

And I want to help YOU build YOUR best relationship

the thought of going on MORE BAD DATES...
 to hopefully find THE ONE some day...
makes you want to just give up

...then you're in the right place!

Are you wondering how to end your frustrations and 
get closer to a relationship with the man you want?

Learn my 5 Powerful Steps to Building Your Best Relationship

I, myself, had the bad habit of
chronically leading women on

Although I was well-intentioned and I played the role of “future husband” quite well, deep down I didn't know what I valued or who I wanted. This led to marriage, divorce, therapy, and eventually... transformation.

Well-intentioned or not, the results were always the same… I wasted women's time, wounded their hearts, and left them feeling frustrated and jaded towards dating. I had completely pulled the rug out from under them.

Over time, I was able to grow out of that behavior and transform myself into the one for my lovely wife. 

Still, there are men out there swiping, texting, and calling you that still haven't made the shift. 

And that's exactly why you need my help.

I want you to win.

No more being blindsided. No more frustration. No more tears.

I want to save you the trouble of getting involved with men showing red flags like that. I can uncover for you the games we play, words we say, and emotions we use to keep you invested.

I want to show you how to use your unique magnetism, the thing youalready do without even realizing it, to attract the type of men you want.

I want to help you build the spiritual and emotional foundation that will make your long-term relationship more sustainable, secure, and resilient.

Start spending time on finding the man you've imagined

As a gift, schedule a call with me to get some free help in one of these areas:

Dating Profile Review

Option 1

Decided to give online dating a try?

I will teach you why being true to yourself will increase the quality of your matches

Relationship Post-Mortem

Option 2

Been through a weird breakup? 

Tell me what happened with you all so I can tell you what really happened

Course Correction

Option 3

Dating around? In a new relationship?

I will uncover any mistakes you're making so that you can continue on the right foot

Would you like to stop wasting time on dead-end men and
start finding the one you want to build your best relationship with?

I will get you there!

So, are you ready to start building your best relationship EVER?

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"Dating Profile Review", "Relationship Post-Mortem", or "Course Correction"