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You should be in the relationship
of your dreams right now...
so why aren't you?

Whether you're single or dating or in a committed relationship, 

these "5 Powerful Steps to Building Your Best Relationship" are for you!

There are women out there that don't mind the idea of 

spending time in relationships that aren't working



Are you tired of being hurt, ghosted, led on, and emotionally manipulated by guys who SAY they are interested in you?

Are you eager to find the man that you can have a healthy, meaningful LONG-TERM relationship with?

Are you ready to start creating the type of relationship you've been imagining for yourself IN REAL LIFE?

If your answer is “YES”, my values-based approach to 
finding the one and building your best relationship 
will help you spend more time on what counts and less time on who doesn't.

Whether you're single or newly dating,
I will help you to:

Avoid the wrong men

Step 1

Learn how to quickly and easily figure out if the man you met is the real deal or just a harmful distraction from what you want

Customized coaching

Step 1

Know what to say, where to go, and when to invest emotionally so you can find the one faster and easier than before

Use your superpower

Step 3

Discover your superpower and date with the full knowledge and appreciation of what makes you extraordinary

Build your foundation

Step 4

Nurture the beliefs and behaviors necessary for a long-lasting, no-time-wasted relationship

If thinking about all that it takes to get ready for another dead-end date stresses you out...

Take the 5 Powerful Steps to Building Your Best Relationship

Once a “wolf in sheep’s clothing”when it came to dating and relationships, I’ve shed the wolf-y parts of me to embrace a more value-centric, loving side of myself. 

It took a lot of inner work, but it was worth it! 

Now, I consider it my duty to show you how to spot a wolf from a mile (or text message) away so you can save yourself the heartache.

Learn more about my story here.